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Tokyo Ghoul

the manga where the fandom’s hottie and baby is actually a villain

where the crazy psycho actually has emotions and feels the pain of losing someone dear to him

where the trash that everybody hated because wanted to eat the main character cries because he misses him a lot

a manga where the investigator that just wanted to protect his colleagues and do his work dies

and the little girl? lost her parents and her “onii-chan”

where a girl waits for someone who deep inside she knows will never return

where 99% of the ghouls die and the villains win

where the guy who never done anything wrong suffers until he dies

Tokyo Ghoul is not what we expected from a manga, because we are used to “happy endings”. But here it is! A manga where we see that the heroes not always win and the bad guys not always lose.

Yeah, indeed a tragedy

scarysenpai what the hell is he like related to mikasa or something im so lost

ok i haven’t read snk in months maybe a year has levi’s last name always been ackerman 

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